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My 13 year old daughter was excited to try the whiteboard project. I even have the pen already set up for her. That might have been hasty.

Unfortunately, we can't get the Wiimote to connect. We get the message:

  "Exception: Wiimote not found in HID device list.""

We are using the Asus BT-211 which I hoped was nearly identical to the BT-21 which is on the approved BT device list. Using the drivers that came with the BT-211, we can connect a tablet to the computer and do things like stream audio.

But the computer can see the Wiimote.  The WII remote shows up in the BT device list on Windows  as:

  Nintendo RVL-CNT-01

We've tried changing this to "Wiimote" in hopes that the Whiteboard is looking for the Wiimote string. No luck.
Its a genuine WIImote, though it is cross-branded with Lego.

So far we've tried installing the MicroSoft suite and the Broadcom drivers. We've tried just about every combination of these. We've been through the trouble-shooting sticky list in this forum.

This is running on a Windows 7 netbook no native BT device.

Any help would be appreciated!


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