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Greeting everybody,
first of all Good job with everything you have done with wiimote modding especially the whiteboard application.

After playing around with the whiteboard i downloaded from johnny, Smoothboard Air and others; i experimented with my red laser pointer and it worked great.
I tried using the pointer on a MAME lightgun shooter(with the mouse as lightGun), but the applications failed to control the mouse cursor postion; after closing the application the laser was tracking again or tracking all-along.

I was intending on making a rear projection lightGun arcade but i need a IR point tracker like whiteboard to emulate the mouse in other programs like (Mame, dolphin, snes, Pc Fps).
The gun i'm using (for this venture and oculus projects) is a modded TD-2011 M16 with and inbuilt Mod-Wiimote (soldered buttons for reloading, ect) with a internal barrel mounted visible/invisible laser pointer with momentary switch.

So if anybody knows how to disable the mouse clicks (just have mouse tracking) and have either johnny's or other whiteboard programs work with a wider range of pc programs like emulators and pc games, it will be a great help.

Thank you in advance.

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