Author Topic: What kind of values are headX, headY and headDist?  (Read 7646 times)

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on: November 14, 2010, 09:52:40 AM
hello guys,
im currently using faceapi(webcam) to mimic the 'window' effect in Unity3d. The faceapi works nicely and i have setup the projection matrix in the code similar to the one johnny lee is using. However, the result is not very nice.
i think the problem is to find in the format of the data being output from faceapi compared to that of the wiimote. at the moment, faceapi gives me a range of e.g. -0.2 -> 0.2 in the x axis BUT when i move my head closer to the webcam the actual x value changes. is this the same when using the wiimote or does the x value stay the same? also, what range is the data being output from the wiimote?