Author Topic: Help for a friend needed!(gamescript)  (Read 5573 times)

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on: March 05, 2012, 01:26:21 PM
Hello, this is my first post here so pls donīt bite me ;)

I and two friends of mine are playing a free mmorpg called "Dragon Nest" on the SEA-server. But one of my friends has problems with his hands, so he canīt use the skillbars right(only 4 buttons of it). My idea was to change his peripheral from keyboard to Wii-FB(because he can use all buttons from the FB+Nunchuck) and erverything is functionating quite fine except for the pointing system with the IR-sensor bar.

All keyes I want to use are working as planned and the pointing system on desktop too, but ingame the mouse pointer is moving incredibly fast and sensitive and that only up and down, no left or right. I have done myself a very easy script and have googled after some solutions for my problems, but havenīt found one yet. Found a matter with direct input, but donīt know how to get that right in the script, either the mouse-arrow is moving wildly or it isnīt moving at all.

So pls can someone help me and my friend, because he is loosing interest in this game because of that matter.

My script:

Key.Semicolon = Nunchuk.C
Key.Space = Nunchuk.Z
Key.W = Nunchuk.Up
Key.S = Nunchuk.Down
Key.A = Nunchuk.Left
Key.D = Nunchuk.Right
Key.One = Wiimote.Up
Key.Two = Wiimote.Down
Key.Three = Wiimote.Left
Key.Four = Wiimote.Right
Key.Five =
Key.Six = Wiimote.two
Key.Seven = Wiimote.minus
Key.Eight =
Key.Nine = Wiimote.home
Mouse.LeftButton = Wiimote.A
Mouse.RightButton = Wiimote.B
if wiimote.PointerVisible but not var.PointerBump then
  mouse.x = wiimote.PointerX
  mouse.y = wiimote.PointerY
end if

P.S.: Iīm a German, so please donīt wonder yourself if you find grammatical or spelling errors^^