Author Topic: A help for the help  (Read 5718 times)

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on: April 02, 2012, 07:13:44 AM
Hi, I am totally noooob, so sorry for what i gonna ask may look stupid.
I know this site is for wiimote not wii balance board, but cause i think there are pros here I do ask.
I wanted a script to map balance board to a mouse, i already used GlovePIE and i could map it to keyboard, but accuracy was very bad, i want a code that can calibrate and I want to know which parts, should I change to calibrate it.
This is for helping people with balance difficulties and for sure games too, well each reason you prefer to help.

sorry i am posting not in exactly right place but it was the best place i found in web, for professional coders with mote/ balance board experience.