Author Topic: Wiimote cursor sticking to upper left corner of my screen  (Read 7439 times)

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Hello all. I'm hours new to the wiimote on PC concept.
My operating system is Windows 7 64bit.
I bought a WIDCOM bluetooth adapter today and installed it. I followed the instructions I found from several sites on how to connect the Wiimote to bluetooth. It was discovered ans connected as all the posts said it would be.
I thenm launched GlovePie with the simple mouse script I got formthis site. I ran the script and my cursor pegged the top lefthand corner of my screen and the connected mouse could not move it.
I began moving the wiimote around and I was able to get it to move down when I pointed it nearly at the floor. To get it to move right I had to point it left and point left to move right. I tried another script I found and got simlar results.
I tried to use the Wiinmote app and the same thing happened. I tired motions senor mode. I turned on my wii and tried IR mode.
So long story short the buttons seem to work fine when I use GLovePie or Wiinmote. However, mouse pointing is not working so well. ANy tips, tricks, guidence for the new guy?