Author Topic: PC gaming with wiimote  (Read 10197 times)

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on: November 25, 2012, 12:09:33 PM

How are you all doing? I am doing fine. Anyway onto business, i like to play wii games and also PC games with wiimote, but the problem is that there seems to be so few glovepie scripts for pc games. For example, i tried to find glovepie script for Resident Evil 5 on google for hours, i finally found one that works fairly well, it wasn't perfect script but i was fun to play in the end. Now i have tried to find scripts for Gears of War PC, Ghost Recon Future Soldier PC, etc (yeah, i like 3rd person shooter games), so far i haven't found anything, it's frustrating, but if someone knows where to get those scripts or has working scripts please send them to me.
I am not writing here to ask someone to make me a working script, but i'd like to make my own scripts, since i don't think i'll find scripts for the upcoming Resident Evil 6 PC game. Can you guys recommend me some links for glovepie tutorials and guides how to make scripts for pc games? If someone says "search from Google" i tried, but didn't find specific guides for pc game scripting. Thanks.