Author Topic: Wiimote cam and the Fez Mini or Netduino (or Arduino)  (Read 9746 times)

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Hey, i just found this site when doing some research (and looking for some johnny lee stuff).  I had orginally used johnny lees library (which is awesome by the way) to use the wiimote to integrate headtracking into video games (i.e fps games).  after getting it working using his library i had problems that i needed to get away from using the wiimote  and bluetooth directly and decided to see if i could take the IR camera out of the wiimote and connect it to a microcontroller that could use Xbee (zigbee).  This is in fact very doable if you are comfortable with soldering and building your own simple board (i am).

newest video after building my own circuit (fez mini, xbee and special i2c circuit for wiimote ir cam):

first try with johnny lee library (in COD black ops):

more info, circuit designs, and pics on my site:

Thanks again Johnny Lee! your TED talk was the inspiration for this project!

send me a note here on on my site if you want to know more
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Reply #1 on: March 03, 2012, 08:33:24 PM

I like your project.

Its been a while since anyone has moved forward with the Wii Cam Headtracking. I thought the world has given up on the idea since the novelty has worn off a bit

It gets interesting with wireless being used to transfer the i2c data from the standalone camera.

Keep going, as I would like to see some progress happening in this area. Great post.

By the way, Johnny Chung Lee - the Wii whiteboard guy - was interviewed recently and the video is available for online viewing at ABC Big Ideas.

See here: