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on: February 20, 2011, 10:12:04 AM
A while back now, I found the wiimote application of the wiimote whiteboard on the internet.

I was very interested because you could make a very cheap whiteboard...

I didn't like the complex, handling to get the wiimote connected to the computer.
I wanted the wiimote to be connected automatically as soon when you turn on your computer.
I didn't find a satisfying solution.  So I've tried to come up with a solution myself.

At first I was looking for a solution where the wiimote is turned on simultaneously with the projector. But this was not a good Idea because if connection fails and you switch of the projector you'll have to wait a while before you can switch it back on to give it another try.

So best the solution would consist in a connection of the wiimote with the PC directly, you won't need any batteries too in the wiimote.
But thinking about that it would be very stupid. Because you would connect the wiimote to the computer to switch it on to afterwards communicate with it over blue-tooth, how stupid is that.

When I'll have to connect the wiimote to the PC to have it  switched on at the right moment, I better could use this connection too to communicate with it. And if that's possible I don't need the blue-tooth with its problems any more.
In fact the real nice thing would be: that you connect the device to your computer and it recognizes the device automatically as a mouse.
But then you would have to transformation the sensor coordinates to mouse coordinates in the device itself. That would be even better because then you wouldn't need any software installed...
If the device made the calculations, it would mean it needed to store the calibration too.
Even better, if the device then could memorise the calibration, you could connect a random computer that recognizes an usb-mouse connect it to the device and you would instantly use the IR-pen on the board.

Obviously, this is not possible with a wiimote. You'll need a IR-sensor like  the wiimote but you'll also need a processor...
This solution should also be as cheap as a wiimote solution, I agree..

Keep on dreaming you are saying, not possible.....

You're wrong!!!

We have build a device which can do this all, it will be as cheap as the wiimote solution, it can use the same IR-pen as the wiimote. But you don't need any software. Simply connect the device over USB to the PC and go...

Goto our newly created website: where you can find more information about the device. We baptised the device as 'Vmarker'  = Virtual Marker...
Or watch this move...