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Has anyone tried using for doing zooming presentations?

I love it, and it is free for basic use.  You create the presentation on line and with even a free account, you can download it afterwards in flash to use without internet connections.

An example prezi to look at in full screen(and please... look at it in full screen to really see it, on a iwb it is beautiful!):

You can insert pdf files to do homework checks or insert textbook pages and create a path that zooms in and out of your schedule, or zoom out and go back to pre-existing work, so you can be as linear or non-linear as you want.

great eye candy, and fast learning curve for impressive visual results, or for digital storytelling.

The flash presentation has the next button in the corner, so you are out of the way for in-class presentations with the wii-whiteboard.  Nicely thought out to make flashy presentations fast.