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IR Pens / Is this possible????
« on: May 20, 2008, 01:39:18 PM »
I just saw it on the dealextremer website: the InfraRed IR USB Presenter and its price about $14,40 (free shipping). The thing that make I thinking about that it could work in a range >= 10 meters. Can we using this Presenter for the IR-pen?. Anyone had try this one yet? I wonder if it work with the Wiimote that should be a good deal for us, i.e. avoid making IR-pen :-).

Another question is: can we take out the led inside the the wii sensor bar to make IR-pen?

I don't know my question is repeated or not if yes please block it, thank.

Hi everyone,

I am new in here and I have some questions concern to wiimote whiteboard that I need your expert knowledge to help me.

I known that in order to create wiimote whiteboard we need to have IR pen, bluetooth usb and wiimote, my questions are:

1- is this IR led using for making the IR pen? --> vishay TSAL6400

2- When we make the IR pen, will it work on the white drape (cloth) because I have the video projector and the white drape hang on the wall (I don't have other screen material I only have the white drape :-) ). If it don't work what material you would suggest to make the screen?

3- What version of wiimote (remote control) you are using? because I saw on the internet there are 2 version (Japanese and US version), which version will work for the project. Can I buy the wii play which include the remote to use for the wii whiteboard? (I know we dont need the wii play but it has the wiimote following). I live in Finland (Europe) so I don't know which version is better choice (I think Japanese version is PAL and US version is NTSC -> will it make different when we use??)

4- What kinds of Bluetooth USB adapter that you think is the best?? I intend to buy a bluethooth v2.0 class 1 EDR to use and I don't know exactly the name because it brand new and I only got this info from the website of the seller:

    BLUETOOTH v2.0 adapter USB port
    Based on the Cambridge Silicon Radio, or BlueCore4
Broadcom BCM2045 or Broadcom BCM2045 or
ISSC IS1032N/IS1602N or ISSC IS1032N/IS1602N scheme

Will it work for the project?

So please give me some suggestions to help to avoid the mistakes before hand :-)




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