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Project Ideas / Re: REAL 1:1 Wiimote Lightgun Tracking
« on: July 14, 2012, 06:30:25 PM »
Just a thought: what if three IR points in a triangle formation were placed around the "barrel" of the gun? This would create your 3D plane and would lend itself to solving the distance problem. You'd also be able to find the center of the barrel this way to keep track of where it's pointing.
good concept but that would make it so the cursor didn't even move
the wiimote uses the movment of the IR LED's to know where it is so if we could put an immobile LED in and tell it to reference that one with the other 3 on the wiimote then that MIGHT work but the problem would be it could get confused and then that would also create tracking problems plus the problem of not seeing the immoblie LED and therefor losing tracking

Project Ideas / wiimote as a motion sensor/detector
« on: July 14, 2012, 04:50:31 PM »
there is a topic about this already but it's not what I was thinking what I want to do is make a motion detector ex: wiimote positioned in one place and across from it an IR LED so when someone walks past it breaks the beam and sends an alert to a computer after a certain time, like say everyday at 2:00AM, or when enabled I've already done some testing with smoothboard and my IR pen and my wiimote and when I walked past I was looking at the IR points and it would dissappear then reappear so that part is good I just need a glovepie script or something to tell me when someone walks past and then maybe have it start up a certain program or something anyways that's my idea I hope I can get some help with it thanks  :)

EDIT:tried some glovepie stuff and I proved that it could work I did the following
Code: [Select]
if wiimote.dot1vis = 1 then keyboard.B = 0
if wiimote.dot1vis = 0 then keyboard.B = 1
I tested again with my IR pen and as soon as I let the button go it would type 'b' in notepad until I turned it back on now I need to figure out if glovepie can open another program...

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