Author Topic: Emulating a Total Station for archaeological digs  (Read 4496 times)

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on: August 29, 2014, 12:39:34 PM
Hi all,
I am an archaeologist, and I am writing here to know if it would be possible emulate a Total Station using the Wiimote (in particular for coordinates measurments).

Usually, in an archaeological excavation, an operator stays behind the theodolite, and another one goes over the stratus with a prism reflector. The machine registers the x and y coordinates.

So, my idea was to use the IR sensor of the Wiimote and -somehow- send IR signal to it. Insted of the theodolite there should be the Wiimote, and instead of the prism reflector there should be an operator with (maybe) a IR pen, or whatever can send a IR signal. With the pen, the second operator should "hit" the Wiimote from perimeters point of a stratus; then, with a GIS software (for instance QGis) it would be easy to import datas.
I know that there are softwares (like Wiiuse that can register the IR x,y,z coordinates of points.

The problems are:
1) Infrared are not visible, so how can the operator "hit" the Wiimote sensor?
1) How to make all of this working with big distances (more than 5 meters)?

I hope I was clear.
Thanks in advance for help.