Author Topic: Screen Machine: Presenter, annotation tool and whiteboard - with a twist.  (Read 6128 times)

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Hi.  I want to share an application that I've been working on during my teacher training year.  It started out as a way of zooming the whiteboard screen.  It's become a general tool for use in the classroom.

Details are on my website -

I would be very grateful for any testing and feedback.  I'm interested in trying to make this as useful a teaching tool as possible.  At first you might think it overlaps with smoothboard and presenter, but it doesn't really, it's a different approach aimed at the classroom environment.  To make it work I've deliberately kept configuration as simple as possible.  I must also confess that I haven't been able to make a whiteboard based on a light-pen approach work in the classroom, I have issues with the brightness of the pen and the accuracy of alignment.  Screen Machine takes a different approach - one that works for me.  See what you think.