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on: December 05, 2011, 12:31:28 PM
but I'm getting very frustrated. 

I am trying to get the wiimote whiteboard to work in my classroom but I don't know what I am doing incorrectly. 

I have a set-up that disallows mounting my wiimote or projector on the ceiling.  I have my projector on a cart.  My screen is small - about a meter square.  I have the projector a little over 2 meters from the screen.  I have a genuine Wiimote, a brand new IR Sabre pen from Wiiteachers, both with new batteries, and Smoothboard 2 on Windows Vista.  My wiimote registers and connects.  Smoothboard launches with no problems.

The problem comes for me with the calibration.  I have my wiimote roughly 2 meters from the board, though I have tried placing it at various distances from 1.5 meters to about 2.5 meters.  I have tried placing the wiimote at various angles from 90deg to about 30deg. 

When I go to the board to calibrate the whole thing, it refuses to work.  In a week of trying, I have yet to get one of the little red circles to click by using the IR Pen at the board.  I tried looking at the IR pen with the digital camera and it shows right up.  I can also get the calibration circles to click through their cycle if I point the IR pen directly at the wiimote at close proximity. 

When I try to calibrate at the board, the best tracking number I can get is about 2%.  When holding the IR pen close, I can get in the high 30's.

Can someone please help?

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Reply #1 on: December 05, 2011, 07:27:51 PM

Have you checked the Smoothboard's calibration viewer? The black rectangular area on the Smoothboard's main window.

Here you should see the IR dots that is detected by the Wiimote. If the Wiimote detects the IR emitted from the IR pen, the number of IR Dots will be detected and shown in calibration viewer.
If the IR pen is not activated, no IR dots should be detected.

Regarding the placement of the Wiimote, you will just need to place it at a distance of about 2 times the screen height and face directly at the center. It is common the calibration fails because the Wiimote is not facing at the center of the screen.

You may want to setup the Wiimote as above, and use the IR pen at the screen to determine whether the IR dot is detected using the Smoothboard's Calibration Viewer.

For your case, it does sound like an issue with the Wiimote which may occur for non-genuine Wiimotes (even if it looks identical to the original ones). The Wiimote may have extremely weak sensitivity and thus the IR is only detected whem the IR pen is close to the Wiimote.

In Smoothboard Settings->General->Wiimote, you may want to ensure that the Wiimote sensitivity is set to the maximum.

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Reply #2 on: December 06, 2011, 10:37:12 AM
Hello -

Thanks for the response.  I am sure the wiimote is genuine.  Its box says Nintendo Wii, the trademark on the back says Wii, the gel cover says Wii. 

I'm wondering about when it says "If the IR pen is not activated..."  I do not have a dot on the screen from the pen, though there is a small white calibration angle.  Do I need to do something to the IR pen to get it activated?  I got it from, which is supposed to be a reputable dealer. 

Thanks for all your help.

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Reply #3 on: December 06, 2011, 06:52:11 PM
You will need to troubleshoot an item at a time.
From the "symptoms" you describe, it seems to be a wiimote problem
The wiimote typically has a viewing angle of about 40 deg and an acceptable distance of about 3-4m away. So if can get somebody to help you, look at the calibration window in smoothboard and click the IR pen. You should see a IR dot registered.
Start at about 2m away and directly in front of the wiimote. Then move slightly to the side and do the same. Do it until you are unable to see the IR dot. You would then have a rough estimate of the viewing angle of the wiimote.
Do the same with the change in distance from the wiimote.

If you can borrow a wiimote you can just try it out to really confirm that the wiimote is not faulty.