Author Topic: uweschmidt's wiimotewhiteboard vs gtkwhiteboard on linux  (Read 7472 times)

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I have introduced myself on the "say hi" page, so I don't need to type all that stuff in again. I haven't got a problem, well, not really. I just wanted to let people know what works for me.

I have got a laptop running linux with a 3.1 kernel and have discovered it is possible, in theory, to create an interactive whiteboard. I saw Johhny Chung Lee's video, cast it aside because it only worked with MS, and tried the 2 whiteboards mentioned above.

I had a 3.0 kernel running, and neither app could find the wiimote. Nor could wmgui. I upgraded the kernel to 3.1 which has a built in wiimote driver. Wmgui works fine with this kernel.

Uwe Schmidt's java application had some problems with my bluetooth stack (according to the 18 error messages) and ground to an ungraceful halt.

Gtk whiteboard worked just like that. Perfectly. OK, it couldn't find an icon & threw an error message, but it carried on working anyway. As I've only just got it all going, I haven't invested in an IR pen yet - I successfully used the TV remote control.

Now I shall find a way to fix the wiimote in place so it isn't propped up on cushions and invest in an IR pen - I'd present a pretty uncool image with a TV remote...!

So there we are.