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Project Ideas / Project Idea - Tracked top down mapped projection
« on: January 03, 2011, 07:35:28 PM »

Brand new on these forums and I've seen some great ideas being put forward and was hoping for a little advice on something I'm working on for a university project. I study Graphic Design and have a brief that requires a solution in a 5m squared space.

I have toyed with projection mapping before and wanted to use this technique from above top down with a ceiling mounted projector, but I also wanted to add a more immersive experience in the space so I wanted to also make use of head tracking so the space would be rendered uniquely from the users viewpoint, using IR sensors on earphones that also feed a kind of guided tour of the animations in the space allowing them to get a closer look by moving towards projected 3d animations mapped onto raised areas in the space.

Hopefully that all made some sense, I've just been looking at a few programs like virtualwindow, Winscape etc and was wondering which program, if its all possible, would be the best way to go about tracking within the space and which could be used to project a 3D model environment in relation to the position of the user. I mainly use Cinema 4D and After Effects for the modelling and animations and modul8 for mapping at the moment but if needs be I could use others, hopefully someone has a a few ideas to go about this as a lot is all pretty new to me.

Thanks for taking the time,

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