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Project Ideas / Re: REAL 1:1 Wiimote Lightgun Tracking
« on: November 08, 2010, 12:14:31 PM »
Just a thought: what if three IR points in a triangle formation were placed around the "barrel" of the gun? This would create your 3D plane and would lend itself to solving the distance problem. You'd also be able to find the center of the barrel this way to keep track of where it's pointing.

Project Ideas / Re: REAL 1:1 Wiimote Lightgun Tracking
« on: November 08, 2010, 12:10:33 PM »
I see this is old, but it sounds like you and I are chasing the same dragon here.

I too wish to utilize the wiimote for a "light gun" style of game. I'm currently using wiiFlash and have been reasonably successful with tracking/aiming. I have also run into some of the same snags

What I'm doing is tracking just one of the points. I decided to start here and eliminate all the extraneous data that might interfere with calculations. Long story short, by tracking one point, moving to a spot in front of the TV (42 inch as well) where I can aim at the bottom right hand corner of the TV and the top left corner without losing the ir point, I can "calibrate" my aim. Basically I shoot those corners to create a rectangle. I then can use a ratio to translate the IR data to the coordinates.

1. distance from TV is about 8 - 10 feet as well.
2. rolling the wiimote ever so slightly tremendously effects aim. I think I can counter this, but don't have time to experiment.

So after playing around with the above, I decided to create an IR point on my gun and "flip" the wiimote/sensor bar setup around. Now I have a wiimote underneath the TV and an IR point on the gun in addition to a second wiimote. Using the above method of shooting the TV corners, I can calibrate the aim and do not need to be so far from the television. As a bonus, this solves the "rolling" problem because the wiimote camera doesn't care if the IR point rotates.

Drawback to this method:

1. Leaning forward or backward tremendously effects the aim. Even an extremely SLIGHT movement throws it off enough to prevent an accurate aim.

wii flash keeps track of the size of the IR point, but I don't think it's accurate enough to account for and solve this issue.

I'm considering using method 2 with a second sensor bar and attempting to calculate the distance from the TV using those two points, but then that reintroduces the problem of losing points, etc.

I'd be willing to collaborate

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