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Current status - I bought a new bluetooth dongle (labelled by Azio, USB\VID_0A12&PID_0001&REV_5276 - I think it is Toshiba-based) and now the Toshiba stack installs without crashing the video.

I've been trying the smoothboard2 that's compiled for the wiimote plus but haven't yet worked out how to get it to recognise my wiimote+.  I'm going to try Smoothboard Air with Duo next using one of the other two remotes I bought (one is genuine wii, pre-plus version, the other is a clone.  Surprisingly on my machine at home I was able to get Air to work with the clone but not either of the real ones, but that was a small portable with a tiny display using a micro laser projector and it cut off the top and bottom of the screen, so I really want to get it working on this larger system at work (a university) which is where I want to test it for use in lecture theaters)

Will post when/if I get it working.



Do you mean that you are unable to use Smoothboard with the 6 displays even though it is detected as a single display?

Boon Jin
Exactly so.  I'm fairly sure it was installing the bluetooth stack that affected the video.  What I can say is that I put this system together specifically to test the Eyefinity which then worked reliably for weeks and then the display started failing when I installed the bluetooth and smartboard - and I haven't done anything else to it.  I booted into safe mode and reverted to before the bluetooth installation, and the screen recovered OK.  As I mentioned I tried a few bluetooth stacks and the more recent ones installed OK, didn't mess up the screen, BUT didn't support the wii controller; the one specific version which did support the wii controller installed with a warning about unsigned drivers, and it was shortly after then on installing the smartboard software and trying to run it when the screen went weird.

Anyway, the Catalyst driver allowed me to join all 6 screens into one large screen, yes.  I haven't yet tried the wiimote on a machine with a regular display or a different graphics card.

Happy to do any testing if you want to look into this further.


I'm not asking for support here, just letting you know of a problem I hit when trying Smoothboard for the first time on a system with a Wiimote Plus and an eyefinity 6 screen display.

I bought a Wiimote Plus yesterday (no-one here sells the older version any more and I wasn't sure if any of the third-party clones would work) and installed the Toshiba Bluetooth stack on my Win7 system as recommended.  It took several attempts during which I got quite adept at uninstalling and reinstalling bluetooth! - it turns out that the current installation from Toshiba doesn't work, it *has* to be the older 8.0.2 one at described in - the 8.0.12 as linked to from sees the wiimote plus but doesn't connect to it.

I installed the SE JDK, and the WiiMote Plus version of Smoothboard from

I have a 6-output Eyefinity card ( and a six-screen (3x2) display (

During the installation the primary monitor (#1) of the 6 went black and windows reported a cable failure in the data link to the monitor. 

At this point I was able to run the whiteboard software, albeit with one of six screens blacked out.

But it wasn't a physical failure as reported - on rebooting, the monitor showed the windows startup etc just fine.  Then at the point when it would have switched from mirrored displays to the Eyefinity mode (6 displays working as one big screen) the display froze and never switched mode.  I could tell that the PC was still working from typing at it blind, there was just no more display after that point.

I'm now trying to recover the machine, and the next time I install the Smoothboard I'll do it on a system with a simple single display, but it's a shame because the extended six-screen display would have made for a good impromptu whiteboard when not being used for research visualization...


Graham Toal <gtoal @>

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