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sorry to all of you who had some problems.
I dodn't get any notifications for new posts and so I didn't check this thread.

I will read through the posts and clarify if there is sth when i have some time

Regards thex

P.S.: Boonjin How did you implement Bluetooth? InTheHand?

I'm just talking to a professor of our universety if i could use wiimoteconnect as a universety project, if so, i wil be forced to produce some kind of manual ;)


Didn't your read the error message? It clearly says that the bluetooth Stack on your machine isn't supported. So you seem to have a Widdcom or Bluesoleil stack but for wiimoteconnect you need the Microsoft stack.


Ok, I now implemented the new version of the dll which I use to acces the bluetoothstack as far as I know it now should work with 64 Bit machines.

Please somebody with a 64bit machine and a 64bit Windows test this version!


most of the problems seem to be caused by the 64Bit systems. WiimoteConnect is not working with them yet!
I'm currently looking to fix that but I don't have a 64Bit machine running here to test.


hey, i'll definitely check that out and may implement it in the next version. I'll try it on my eepc which is running Widcomm.


Is there any way to get the program to open more than one application when it starts up?

For example, I would like it to start smoothboard and Linkystivity presenter. Can I put a comma or semicolon between file paths?


No, thats not jet supportet. But you cold create a batch file which starts several applications but they wil not be closed whenn all wiimotes are disconnected.


Thanks for the donation,
it would be great if the error gets fixed.

maybe just put a try cache block arround it and restart your whole app as a first fix.
but at the moment the workaround i posted should work, but the nag screen then will be a "pain in the **LOVE**" ;)


I already expierienced this behaviour except the bluescreen. It's a problem with the client apps, not with wiimoteconnect. They don't handle a wiimote ,connected while their software is running, right.

The workaround is to use my app to start the client software and check the autokill option. as soon as a wiimote is connected my software will start the client app and if there is no wiimote connected it will kill the app and start it again when the wiimote is connected again.


ok, now I understand ;)

I'll definitely add it in the next version.



The autoconnect feature requires to have the Wiimotes learned.

If the LEDs on your wiimote keep flashing after 20 seconds your Wiimote is definitely connected. I would recomend not to test with the WiinRemote software, you better use the tool provided with the WiimoteLib (see it attached).


I will add the "autostart with windows" option, it's not a big thing. I don't know why you want that message go away as it is helpfull if you only got that 20 seconds to sync. Maybe I'll add an option to disable it.


concerning A:
The only other way to put the Wiimote in discovery mode is the red button in the battery tray. You can put a little block there to press it continously. If you then use an external powersource to power the wiimote, the wiimote will enter discoverymode as soon as power is connected.


concerning B:
I don't really get the problem.

When learning a Wiimote it has to be in discovery mode or it has to be listed in the Bluetooth devices list to get recognized.

Thats how it works, there is no other way except you could enter the Bluetooth MAC address by hand ;)


It isn't thought to be translated yet. And by the way I'm from germany myself ;)


Hi, I don't know yet if I'll release it as open source.

I read the post you pointed out but I don't get what your "Device" does...
is it for BT connectivity? why properitary hardware if any dongle fits?

Or does it "press" the sync button over an usb io card?

Or what does it??

Nice to hear that it is working :)

2 seconds my be a bit short because the process takes some time but it should work as i placed the discovery processes in different threads. Take a look if the app eats to much memory or so.


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