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I'm trying to set up my IWB using two Wiimotes and Smoothboard 2. I can get the two connected. It even shows the battery levels of the two wiimotes. Nonetheless, I can only calibrate one. The first calibration window shows everything as normal, with my white area fully inside the black area, and percent at 80% or above. The second window for the secondary Wiimote is all black. When I click to calibrate it, the cross-hairs don't respond. And here is the odd thing. The cursor is on the calibration screen, and if I hold down the IR pen button, the cursor moves in the opposite direction of where I move it along the WB (i.e., if I move the pen down and to the left, the cursor moves up and to the right.)

What am I doing wrong? I can't get a second Wiimote calibrated. I've tried using several different Wiimotes, but the result is the same.


Chip Kingsbury

Say Hi! / Greetings from Kenya
« on: November 02, 2010, 09:37:13 AM »

I'm Chip Kingsbury. I am missionary faculty at Daystar University. I run the faculty development programme.

I've tried to set up my Wiimote IWB today. I've mostly had frustrations. I can get it to sort of work with one Wiimote. But trying to use 2 has proved impossible. I'll post about that in another section.

We have about 4000 students on 3 campuses. If we can get the Wiimote IWBs to work, we'd like to install them in most classes.

Right now I'm just really frustrated.


Chip Kingsbury

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