Author Topic: "WIITSUNAGARU" An alternative to solve connection problem to WIDCOMM  (Read 8515 times)

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Hi, I've seen a new way (alt+s) to resolve the pin problem for WIDCOMM.
But about 3-4 months ago, I had this problem too.
So I download WIDCOMM SDK and write a small program to fix that issue myself.

I found this forum very useful when I started the project 4 months ago,
and this is place where newcomers start their project too.
So, If alt+s does not work for you, this program may be an alternate solution for you.

SS attached below.

This is a small program written by me to solve pin problem with WIDCOMM.
I, too, own an internal WIDCOMM BT card. (DELL Notebook)
And having a problem when pairing wiimote to WIDCOMM,
which is it keep asking for security pin number.
Pin number needed to send back to wiimote when pairing is not in ASCII text
and it is impossible to input with keyboard.

This program will send this thing to your wiimote,
and your BT API will automatically remember this next time when pairing same wiimote.
So this program is only needed for the first time.

This program is using btwapi.dll and some of MFC core dll.

If your problem cannot be solved with this program...
Keep searching ! I'll cheer for you !

Sorry for my bad english.

..Download Link..

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