Author Topic: Is it possible to track more than 4 points with multiple wiimote controls?  (Read 7737 times)

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to know if it is possible to track, say, 8 points with 2 wiimotes?

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each Wiimote tracks the 4 brightest IR lights that it "sees", as far as I know.
Hence, you can track more points if the Wiimotes are not looking at the same set of 8 points.
Depending on your application, you could also try to use (asynchronously) flickering IR lights, so that only a subset of lights is visible at any given time, giving the Wiimotes the chance to eventually see all of them.


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THe Wiimote will try to continuously track the same 4 IR points even when there is a 5th or more points. For example, when you have 4 different IR dots in the view of the Wiimote, you will receive the coordinates of the 4 points. When you add fifth IR point, this fifth point usually will be ignored as the Wiimote will continuously track the previous 4 points. This fifth point will be detected when the Wiimote loses track of one of the previous 4 points.

Therefore like Uwe have mentioned, you can use flickering IR sources for you to obtain the coordinates of the 8 IR points. However, the set back will be you will be unable to utilize the convenience of the tracked IR points by the Wiimote. In short, the Wiimote will just output the sequence of coordinates in no specific order unlike before.

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