Author Topic: I need help in this code for Wiimote Controlled robotic arm project  (Read 8494 times)

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Hi Fellas, I am doing a project on Wiimote based robotic arm using 2 servo motors. I have used a P89V51RD2 microcontroller to send PWM signals to the servo motors. But I am stuck with the API or GUI which is used to receive the acceleration values from the Wiimote over bluetooth and send it to the microcontroller through the serial port(RS-232) to the microcontroller which should then control the 2 servo motors. I have tried using VB6 and Matlab to build the API but I am only able to receive the accel values on my laptop but am unable to send them over the serial port(using a USB-to-Serial converter). I need help in building that API which performs the above mentioned functions. I need the entire source code and assisatnce in how to implement it. I would prefer someone who could provide a source code for VB6,Matlab or any versions of VB. Plz lemme know as early as possible coz its kinda urgent.