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I put another thread in the programmer's den regarding this topic, but maybe it was the wrong place to ask. I'm looking for a bluetooth adapter that will work in Windows 7 using the Widcomm drivers (very important). I need the Widcomm stack for a library I'm using. I read the thread at the top but I didn't see any listings that explicitly mention Windows 7 + Widcomm.



I've been struggling for a few days trying to connect a Wii remote to a PC running Windows 7 using any Java-based libraries, such as WiiRemoteJ. If I understand correctly, WiiRemoteJ must work with an implementation of JSR-82 that supports L2CAP to establish connections. BlueCove, the JSR-82 implementation, only supports L2CAP w/ Windows 7 if using the Widcomm drivers / stack. I have tried to install Widcomm drivers on Windows 7 with a few different dongles, but the drivers just don't detect the devices (install stops and asks me to "plug in or turn on device...").

I've already purchased an Azio BTD-V201 from Newegg but it uses some Toshiba drivers; the Widcomm drivers won't install with it. I need to know of a Bluetooth dongle that will work on Windows 7 AND uses Widcomm drivers. I'm trying to add the Wii remote to a project that is written in Java and will eventually be cross-platform, so I really don't want to write JNI for platform specific Wii remote libraries.

If anyone can make a recommendation, I would be very grateful. Thanks.

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