Author Topic: how about increasing wiimote's discoverable mode's period?  (Read 5011 times)

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hi wiimote hackers
as the title says i want to increase the duration of wiimote bluetooth is going to discoverable mode
as default it is 20 seconds, but most of the times it isn't sufficient to do pairing process with the computer. and it erks me out when i'm among the children of the class struggling to connect and teach with wiimote whiteboard
last week i accessed to wiimote's EEPROM content with a help of my friend. i was thinking that 20 seconds timer should be somewhere inside wiimote's EEPROM that i can alter but i couldn't locate it ,the HEX translation of 20 is "3032" but it isn't exist, so i assume 20 second should have been divided into parts and and their some is 20 second.
i have attached the bin and hex files
does anyone know which address is this "20 seconds" in?