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Hi all, noob here
I've bought on ebay fake wiimote  with "motion 2 in 1" declaration. I've tried to sync it on 4 different BT devices: 3 different laptops (HP NC4400, HP probook 6555b, Asus K72JR) and smarthphone with wii controller software (Samsung Galaxy mini S5570I)
I've tried to find it with few BT bundles mentioned here on forums, like Microsoft stack, BlueSoleil and Toshiba. Not single one of combinations have even found the device
So i opened it to see what BT chip dose it have. It's "rda 5875y es189241", looks like 1/4 of size of Broadcom chip that original wiimote uses; specs can be found here:

also I'm a bit confused about remote itself: when I plugged batteries in, its instantly on and I don't need to press power button and if i pres any button LED's start to blink. Also sync button under battery cover is instantly working. Is that normal or should wiimote need some time before it can start with sending and receiving functions?

also i don't have wii console so I can't even try to see if it is working at all or just blinks to mimic that is trying to work?

so... any suggestion how to connect it to PC or eve be able to see does it even work?

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