Author Topic: THIRD PARTY WIIMOTE AND GLOVEPIE  (Read 6835 times)

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on: September 28, 2012, 10:12:09 AM
Hello GUys i Have a CHEAP CHINESE WIIMOTE which i bought fro e bay....that is not working with any application like glovepie winremote,smooth board except latest dolphin emulator which have third party wiimote support
i think problem is the vid&pid
as Normal NINTENDO Wiimote has
Hardware ID: (VID = Nintendo, PID = Wiimote)

but mine is
so my wiimote is detected as hid but not as wiimote so glove pie doesnot work i m not so advanced in programing to  make a patch to support mt wiimote in glovepie so my wiimote is useless for now  ...
expecting someone to help.....     
as many of people have bought this type of chinese wiimote thinking it is orirginal............