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General Discussion / Help!!.. Different versions ov WII Remote and IR Camers
« on: September 30, 2011, 10:01:44 PM »
Hi Folks
My first post so be gentle.

I have a small projects that I want to use a WII Remote IR Camera in it.  I have brought several remotes from Ebay but when I open them I find that instead of the small metal surrounded camera module I find that there is a board.

The pin outs of the board look the same indicating that this is an I2C device - but I can find no other information on wether the unit is compatible with the normal projects.

My project is this.  I do animatronics and costuming as a hobby. One of the 'holy grails' or animatronics is real time lip syncing where your costume (think large headp[iece like Underworld Werewolf or baby Godzilla where the wearer is not seen).

If you have seen how James Cameron does the Avatar facial movement tracking then I hope to do someing simpler with 4 points around the mouth working like a flexible diamond shape. Crude but workable with low-processing-power chips.

Many many thanks for any advice.

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