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hi...I have a of the kids here done a update on the 3ds xl (which I forgot to block the internet)now the acekard wont work.The system update I have now is 9.1.0-20u. I searched around and found that acekard 2i has stopped getting firmware updates, I think I need to buy a new card for the 3ds now, and the general consensus is the r4i gold,  supercard dstwo and gateway 3ds are the best. Which out of those 3ds r4 cards are the best for a 3ds with the latest 9.0.0-20 firmware?
Thanks a lot.
Other Projects / Do all the r4 3ds cards work with the New 3DS/3DSLL console?
« Last post by JamesDurant on October 22, 2014, 09:18:52 PM »
The New 3DS/3DSLL released for a few days.However I am wondering if any r4 3ds cards work with that console?I

have a r4i gold 3ds card from:

Just want to get a new 3ds console.By the way,all the other r4 3ds card works with the new console?
Other Projects / Footwork tracking
« Last post by nikosb on October 22, 2014, 10:08:23 AM »
I would like to track the motion of the feet relative to the wrist. At given times, not continuously, I would like to know the relative position of the feet to the wrist. I was thinking of using two sensors, one on each shoe, and a wiimote that the user would hold on his hand. I don't want to use any external equipment, this would be a device on the go. It has to work with an accuracy of a few cms, outdoors and on a space confined to 20x30 yards. The x and y, that is the horizontal, position of the feet realtive to the wrist is important, the vertical is not that important. Can that be achieved by using the Wiimote. If not what technology can be used to achieve that goal?
gateway 3ds is a great all-around card for nintendo 3ds owners like me, it allows you to play the most recent and hottest 3ds games such as pokemon xy and smash bros, it gets firmware update regularly, which means users will be able to receive more support and more new features. No other card can support emunand 9.x as well as 3ds gateway as far as I'm concerned. I own this gateway 3ds and am pretty satisfied with it.
supercard dstwo is hands down the best 3ds flashcard out there, and its official team does in fact keep updating the kernel. if you want to buy a supercard dstwo card that comes with the latest 9.0.0-20 firmware pre-installed, I'd recommend this trustworty site pretty sure shipping is free to Canada
I Saw this news from official distributor as well and here is a blog guide on how to update EmuNAND to v9.0.0-20 as well :
Today the gateway 3ds team has released the latest gateway 3ds firmware OMEGA V2.4b, the new gateway 3ds firmware support emunand to V9.0.0-20 which means you can play 3ds roms online again and also play the latest 3ds roms on your 3ds console now.

If you want to play 3ds roms, then definitly recommend you:  gateway 3ds

Dowload: gateway 3ds firmware V2.4b

Gateway 3DS functions:

Multi-rom support
In Menu OSD title selection
exFat & Fat32 support
NAND based rom support
Game cart backup
On board diagnostics
Clean Boot region free system
Back up system Nand
Works on 3DS & 3DS XL (Firmware 4.1-4.5
got my dstwo from ,arrived door within a week,ran without any problems.
usually it is very difficult to find the r4 card reseller in Canada, or they are not reliable you know, so suggest you buy from usa offical reseller, that would be more safe. recommend you this usa based r4 card site:         Love the guys there, I received my dstwo card fast in 14 days to arrive my UK house and it works on my 3DS pefectly! And have updated my 3ds to the new 9.0.x, this card can also working great on it. Their customer service is really considerate , feel free to contact them ~
Supercard dstwo is a attraction for many flashcart users .  It is well-known as the bult-in GBA/SNES emulator , comes with powerfull real time save , real time cheat and cheat codes features that make other flashcarts getting dark .

It is also the best flashcart for play ds games , though it is expensive than other ds flashcart , but it worth the price !
It is hard to find a reliable reseller to buy supercard dstwo now , i would like to recommend a reseller here to you guys :

All supercard dstwo from them are preflashed and tutorials , latest firmware can be found in their prodcut page . Just feel free to get one from them !