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on: October 07, 2008, 06:59:37 AM
I have several Vishay TSAL 6400 IR diodes for sale.

check back here to see stock status...

Datasheet is available at
(I had to remove the link as it was no longer valid)

Probably 1 of the best IRdiodes available for your IRpens, arrays or other similar projects.

I order them relatively cheap so I ship them as cheap as possible to your location and we use my Paypal account to transfer money. (If you use Paypal I have to add the fee for the total transaction)

Example 1:

Shipping as regular mail within Europe is less than 2
Ill charge 1.50 for 5 IRdiodes.
Fee for Paypal = 0.35
Ends up at 3.85 for 5 top grade diodes shipped to your location within Europe.

Example 2:
Shipping as regular mail to US (any state) is about $2

Ill charge $2 for 5 IRdiodes.
Paypal fee =$0.50
Shipping $2
Ends up at $4.50 for 5 top grade diodes shipped to your location, any state in US.

Example 3:
Buyers within Sweden can transfer money to my bank account
Shipping as regular mail is cheaper within Sweden so its less than SEK 20 for 5 Vishay's

I do this as a service to you members, not to make money or get rich - If we start calculating some wrapping, banking fee's, envelopes and such I'll probably loose more money in the end...


I can send parcels/mails all over the world but we have to verify shipping costs before we initiate such things..

I had to adjust shipping costs a bit

Now that I sold over 100 diodes to over 10 countries I can sum it all up. the only money I made on this is from you friendly "customers" who donated more money than your order ended up on.

Thank you very much - now I can order even more Vishay's and hopefully I can get a better deal this time and If I do so I can lower the price even further.

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