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on: January 10, 2009, 11:29:39 PM
Wiimote Friends

Here are a collection of videos of using your Wiimote as a Drum machine. The last video is a very good how to.

A simple GlovePIE script based on work by Will T./Carl K./Bob S. Sorry about the tape noise - I need to find a better way of securing the nunchucks to my feet :P

The script implements a "full" kit, with the wii-motes as the 'sticks' which trigger the snare, hi-hat, cymbals and toms. The nunchuks are used for the foot pedals, and one controls the hi-hat pedal while the other plays the bass drum.
I've put the code up here:

The reverse drum hack using IR-Drumstick

This is a video that shows you how to play drums with your wiimote and nunchuk.


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