Author Topic: Videos Showing the Wiiboard as a PC HID  (Read 10399 times)

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on: January 11, 2009, 03:32:20 AM
Wiimote Friends

These videos show a range of applications for teh Wiifit/Wiiboard.

The Skybot robot is controlled by the wii-board platform.

Immersion ( ) developed a low level interface to use the Wiifit Balance board for 3D navigation. It has been integrated into the Inscape ( ) project.

Surfing Google Earth with a hacked Nintendo Wii Board

You can control any computer game that uses keyboard input with a wii balance board.

Part of HCI course on request of forum members lg3d-wonderland:

n this work we explore the use of the Wii Balance Board(TM) as a low-cost input device in virtual reality (VR). We combined and extended existing communication libraries such that the balance board's four separate pressure sensors can be used as input to a VR application. We provide a brief technical overview of obtaining and working with the sensor input. By processing the sudden and gradual changes in the sensor input values caused by pressing on the board, we are able to use the balance board for both discrete and continuous input. We discuss how this discrete and continuous input can be used to drive a variety of VR interaction metaphors. Using continuous input, the balance board is well suited for interactions requiring two simultaneous degrees of freedom and up to three total degrees of freedom, such as navigation or rotation. The discrete input is suitable for various forms of control input such as mode switching or object selection. Additionally we present some example VR applications that demonstrate some of the possible metaphors

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Reply #1 on: March 17, 2009, 03:21:51 PM
Very nice.

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