Author Topic: Finger Tracking using Infrared-LEDs and the wiimote camera  (Read 6663 times)

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I am currently working on a school project concerning the intuitivity of input-methods, for which
we (me and my work partners, that is) plan to construct a setup where we track Infrared-LEDs
fastened to a glove via the wiimotes inbuilt camera. We would, however prefer not to have to use the wii-remote as
a whole, but rather remove the camera and infrared-filter and use those only.

The setup would be used for simple pointing and clicking. The latter would be realised by having a second Infrared-LED on the thumb which is only powered if (and while) a button on the thumb is pressed.

What I would like to know is the following: Do you think this is a feasible venture (I'm feeling rather pompous today :q), considering we are not too advanced in the area of programming yet?