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on: May 31, 2011, 04:44:14 AM
Existing license holders can be upgraded for free.

Free Download on

New Features:

Annotation File's Dock Panel

Clicking the Save button will automatically save the current page as a document, and then will “dock” the saved document in the left column as shown above.
Click on the “docked” document to immediately display the document in the main interface.
During handwriting, you can also pull up a saved image by simply clicking the button. A saved document can also be pulled up from the hard drive at any time from the desktop, by clicking the "written document " shortcut button.

Write on videos

First, click to open the video. Next, you can choose to annotate, erase, clear all or save annotations of the video, as well as revoke or recall. Volume can also be adjusted here.

Floatting Toolbar

Frequently used functions can be added to the floating toolbar. These include: brush color, brush thickness, eraser size, and so on, all can be found in the toolbar.Click "+/-" floating toolbar buttons to add or remove a floating toolbar option.
As shown below:

Office Documents Annotation

Can open *. doc, *. docx, *. xls, *. xlsx, *. ppt, *. pptx files, Supports Microsoft Office 2007 or higher.
In Office, you can directly leave comments. You can also move the Office document up, down, left, or right by dragging the document. You can also zoom in, zoom out, and perform revocation and recovery operations.

A better magnifier & spotlighter

Free Download on
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