Author Topic: wiimote/IR movement script help needed  (Read 7857 times)

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on: June 06, 2012, 12:16:58 AM
Hi all...
Working on FPS script for Call of Duty
with GlovePie
I am almost finished but still working on movement script.

So I am trying to do this in the most basic way possible:
This is my mouse / IR script:

mouse.x = wiimote.PointerX
  mouse.y = wiimote.PointerY               
                                              -I have a wiimote/nunchuk/IR (sensor bar)

And to be honest, this has been better than most 2 page long scripts I have seen around.
So I want to build from this and what I want to add is as follows:

1) A way to stabilize the cursor as it tends to wiggle a little (but without Motion+, i know it can be done with a simple algorithm)

2) Adjust the speed to 80% horizontally and 65% vertically of what it is now..- need horizontal speed and vertical speed to be different from each other.

3) Adjust the sensitivity of my cursor/reticle, this is different from speed. it means if i wiggle my pointer a bit, it won't register that movement til it hits a certain threshold.

4) Add Dead Zones to normal and ADS **Now Dead Zone seems to mean different things to different people, I mean dead zones as in the way Call of Duty for Wii settings is which means a pre-determined square/rectangular "box" around the cursor/reticle where the screen does not move at all, just the cursor. And I emphasize, where the screen doesn't move at all! just like in Wii COD.

So far I have tried many things but the "feel" just isn't there, And as far as FakeMouse goes, It simply doesn't do it for me unless someone has some magical Fakemouse script that emulates what I'm trying to achieve, haven't seen it yet, not even close. So preferrably no FakeMouse..

 All recommendations, help and advice are greatly appreciated... I'm just a guy who's sick of Wii graphics but cannot play Call of Duty on Keyboard/mouse or controller. Once you Wiimote, nothing else comes close.  Cheers!