Author Topic: Wiimote with Windows 7 and TUIO multi-touch support  (Read 45580 times)

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Reply #15 on: February 10, 2011, 11:14:37 PM
Hi John,
     I am really fascinated by your work on the wiimote TUIO and windows 7. I am a final year engineering student and have decided to do my project on Johnny Chung Lee's low cost interactive whiteboard. I have decided to use your features into it to make my project  so that it can help schools in India to have their hands on such a low cost technology and revolutionize our education standards in rural area. I really would be grateful if you can give me your source codes of the project give me a bit knowledge of how you have developed the code. I would be very grateful to you.
   Thanking you

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Reply #16 on: February 17, 2011, 04:38:43 AM
I'm interested in using a pair of wiimotes to enable touch on a dual-screen Windows 7 system. Does anyone have an advice on how to go about doing this?

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Reply #17 on: February 18, 2011, 03:50:58 PM
Thanks for all the positive replies guys  :D

(1) On connecting to the Wiimote.  I suspect you lot will be a lot better than me at this, but I find what works for me under Win7 is this:
(1) Start -> Devices and Printers
(2) Right click Nintendo thingy and Remove Device
(3) Add Device
(4) Hold down button 1 and 2.
(5) Go through the motions of adding the device ( still holding them down ).
(6) Wait for the installation to be successful  ( still holding them down ).
(7*) You might try telling Windows to skip windows updates for this device  ( still holding them down ).
(8) Open Wii Tuio  || Release Buttons
(9) Connect

(2) The source code for the project is available at   I have a friend who is interested in working with rural communities in India so please let me know how it goes!

(3) Yes, you should be able to use it with dual screens - however you may need to modify the source code a little.  Something about PrimaryScreen width and height - I suspect you will want the VirtualScreen or something similar.  I have an experimental version which can talk to two Wiimotes for large displays.  I used in a recent research paper - but will happily provide you with the source should you need it.  Just so you know, I don't often check these boards so you may be better off contacting me at if its urgent.



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Reply #18 on: November 15, 2011, 06:17:55 PM
Hi! Amazing! TUIO was the first non-commercial solution that worked !!!

My main goal is to use this with flight simulators ( 1 point only ) and I've had "some success". As to flight sims sometimes right mouse click or mouse wheel is necessary, I was wondering: Is it possible to make TUIO to work as a "finger tracker" only, without emitting mouse clicks? Is it possible to easily change this behavior via  some configuration under "pen and touch"? ( I've tried many things, did my research )

Add a lightweight BT mouse disassembled and wired to the correct fingers and you have multi clicks and tracking working. Would love to plya falcon/il2/fsx this way :D

I'd love to keep using TUIO, but any finger tracking only solution will do. I tried wavy, but found no way to calibrate and use relative positions like TUIO allows me.

Any hints? New topic for this?


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Reply #19 on: January 19, 2012, 02:35:11 PM
Is there any way you can add a "smoothing" setting to this application.   My writing still looks jagged compared to that of Smoothboard.   I don't know anything about programming but I do use this program in my class.   It would great, but I would love to have the smooth handwriting from Smoothboard back.

If not thank for the program anyway,
Mark Talbert