Author Topic: Wiimote universal mouse simulation, 2D head tracking, and more...  (Read 7276 times)

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Here is a little screenshot of my program based on Brain Peek's WiimoteLib 1.7. Thanks to Brain Peek for his great .NET lib, and Johnny Lee for his genius idea.

My goal is to build a universal Wiimote gaming solution including motion mouse simulation, whiteboard simulation and 3d head tracking.

Does anybody have a good idea of making a virtual joystick using Visual Basic.NET? I'm now using PPJoy, but I have to set my 64-bit Win 7 to test mode in in order to use its driver.

Now I have mouse simulation and 2d head tracking done because I can only use my lamp as an IR source. I played Counter-Strike using Wiimote, and that was awesome!  :D
I'll continue my work after my Wii sensor bar arrive.

Please leave your comments and thoughts. Really appreciate it.  ;)
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