Author Topic: WiiPair - solution to permanently pair wiimote to pc using windows BT stack!  (Read 40636 times)

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finally! :D

i've found an solution to pair my wiimotes permanently with the PC using the windows bluetooth stack. and with "permanently" i mean, that only a button-press on the wiimote and no further software or interaction on the PC is needed. it also stays this way after a disconnection of the wiimotes or even a reboot of the PC. the wiimote behaves with the PC exactly like with the wii.

i did this using using a tool called "WiiPair", which is included in a package donwloadable here. (download the "Wiimote ADC"-package at the bottom of the thread).

i have it working with windows 7 x64 and an ASUS BT211 bluetooth stick.