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on: September 30, 2009, 04:59:19 AM
Adorable IR pen creation, FLOWER POWER!!

This IR pen has been created from a art store wooden cutouts and hand painted.

This pen was made with the grade school class room in mind, especially the girl. I is shaped just like a tulip. I know this may seem a little crazy, but that's the point. It works great. the electronic base is that same as the one I use for my mark 5 pens


LED:           TSAL6400, 25 degree, 12mW

Batteries:   2 AA.
Button:      2 comfortable plastic buttons, red and green in color. One of them operates the pen, the other does nothing.

Material:     Plastic, wooden craft stick and craft die cuts.

Please check out this and my other IR pens on ebay. My ebay handle is shakespeare1212. Or contact me via email at [email protected]  

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