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About has grown from one Mathematics instructors vision of using technology in the classroom to a real source of products for Teachers and Presenters of all types.   Many products and services are available, if you’re not sure about a product or service, please email: [email protected]

Types of Infrared Pens Available:

Magnetic infrared pens ($17.99)

New Design Features:
  1) New Surface Mount Pushbutton Switch - Supplies a sensitive switch that even those with hand dexterity issues can use.
  2) Added manufacturing process to make the removal of the battery cover easier.

[/b] Vishay TSAL 6400 infrared LED, Pushbutton Momentary Switch, AAA battery and battery holder, Embedded magnet for storage on any magnetic whiteboard, removable cap.

Sample Picture of our Magnet Infrared Pens
Other Colors Available: Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, and Black.

Introductory Video Of Magnetic Pen:

Multifunction IR Pen $18.99

Features: Laser, Vishay IR Led, Ballpoint Pen, Stylus, 6 LR41 batteries (3 replacement batteries)


Economy Pen $9.49

Features: Vishay infrared Led, momentary switch, and 3 LR41 batteries


If you would like to purchase from my webpage, please visit or you may visit my ebay auctions by clicking one of the links below

Ebay auction:

If you need to contact me, please email [email protected]

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