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on: August 08, 2009, 12:46:04 PM
The mark 5, only $5.50, plus shipping and handling, while they last.

Please check out my IR pens on ebay.  Yes, many are wrapped in electrical tape, but I have tried other pens, and I come across a key design enhancement that makes my pens work better.  They also use 2 standard AA batteries which are very easy find and to change.  Pictured here is the first model I thought was ready to sell.  I call it the mark 5, because there were 4 other models I experimented with.

Here are some of the other specifications:

LED: TSAL6200, 25 degree, 12mW
Batteries:2 AA, not included
Buttons:2 cofortable spring backed push buttons. One activates the LED and the other just looks cool.  Tell your students it’s a death ray.  ;D
Other:Current limiting resistor

I am having a blast designing these things and coming up with new ideas.  To purchase just go to ebay by clicking here:

and search for "IR PEN".

If you don't want to use ebay, then email me at [email protected]  and we will work out another way to complete the transaction.

Look for my other useful models which are ready for the big time, with cute names such as: "Big Daddy", "The Gum Box", “The Toe” and "The Princess".

Would you like me to design a pen just for you?  I could put your child, or spouse’s picture, right on the handle. Email me and we will talk.

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