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Title: Professional Multi-function Wiimote Whiteboard IRLED Light Pen
Post by: thetechguy on September 22, 2008, 12:37:09 PM
Announcing the opening of our store www.thetechguyusa.com/shop to sell Wiimote interactive Whiteboard items. This post is to show our IRLED multifunction pen. This pen has 4-1 functionality

1. Blue ink ball point pen
2. Stylus pen
3. Laser pointer
4. IRLED for Wiimote interactive Whiteboards.  Vishay TSAL6400s running at 100mA 
see pictures of item and item in use.

 pictures of 1st grade class using pen in classroom.

 - IR-Led (Vishay 1.6 volt)
     - 3x 1.5v watch batteries
     - Switch Style & Location - Two Switch by IRLED one for Laser and one for IRLED
     - Picture (multiple is better)
     - $20 + shipping
     - Shipping to USA is $5 and outside USA is $12
     - Contact info - email me at [email protected] or call 909-581-4638

to purchase click here www.thetechguyusa.com/shop