Author Topic: All my IR pens  (Read 5320 times)

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on: February 11, 2008, 05:21:27 AM
I'm also trying to find the best IR pen to use with the wiimote whiteboard project.

Here is the list of pens I've build:

1. I made my first attempt following JL's advice: "You also might be able to jump start your experimentation by retro-fitting a mini keychain light with an IR LED". It costed me 3 but the switch it's very hard to press.

2. From a lighter with a light LED (0,85) I took out the small plastic structure with small batteries and put it on a pen cap. I made a hole on it and then I had a switch :) It works fine but it's a bit delicate because the IR LED it's not properly fixed.

3. I found this 6-LED torch in a chinese bazar (it also has a lighter) for 2,40. It was a bit more difficult to replace the LEDs because I had to unsolder and solder them and then the whole structure didn't fit exactly so I used adhesive tape. Currently only 4 LEDS are working but they do much more IR light than a simple IR pen so it works very well.

4. I already put a video ( explaining how to make this IR pen from a light LED pen (1). It works also well.

5. This is a prototype to get an IR LED that gets on when pressing the surface and gets off when not. The idea is to put the switch just in front of the pen. It works but I have to put some soft material over the switch. I have to put more IR LEDs or make as cvitullo said on "IR pen improvements", put the switch behind the LED. I will try other prototypes... :D

6. I made this one two days ago. My electronics classes are too far away to remember most of the stuff I learnt :) Anyway I think that 3V with two AA batteries and a resistor gives more intensity (and then more radiaton) than 3V with small batteries. It works very well although it's not very handy as you can see.