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Title: BUY IR PENS (read)
Post by: hgds on August 27, 2008, 11:34:13 PM
Ok, so im just seeing, whos interested in buying ir pens, i ship to canada for 5 dollars, and if you want me to ship to us its fed ex ground and i will find out the shipping. If anyone in canada wants one, or us i guess, go to axisos.ca/wwb and preorder, they will ship in two weeks as im seeing how many people want one, if you want one but dont want to pay yet, just tell me so i can put your order down. For us customers, just send me an email at [email protected] for inquiries. For other worldwide customers, also email me.

Any ideas that i could create and sell, just tell me.

If anyone wants a custom design, different type of pen, custom engraving, kits to make your own pen with instructions, or if you want just a piece, like just an led, prcing is as follows(i will ad these to the website axisos.ca/wwb soon) No pictures yet, but when added to axisos.ca/wwb there will be picrtures:
Infrared 850nm 3mm Round LED = 50 cad cents
Infrared 880nm 3mm Round LED = 50 cad cents
Infrared 940nm 3mm Round LED = 50 cad cents
SPST on-off Black/red Pushbutton = 90 cad cents
SPST off-on Black/red Pushbutton = 90 cad cents
Red Large Pushbutton = 1.50 cents
Pen assembled= 10.00 dollars
pen kit = 9 dollars
Red/white/blue Tactile Switch Button with top scratch proof case = 50 cents
Raised Tactile Switch = 50 cents
Extended Tactile Switch = 50 cents
Black Standard Tactile Switch = 50 cents
Small Black Tactile Switch = 50 cents
Small Black High raid\sed Tactile Switch = 55 cents
Roller Microswitch = 60 cents
Lever Microswitch = 60 cents
Dont think you need toggle switches, but inquire for prices.
DPDT Panel Mount Miniature Slide Switch = 50 cents
1/4 resistors = 5 cents each
1/2 resistors = 10 cents
1 watt resisotrs = 80 cents each
For bulk orders of over 100 items, prices go down ALOT, so if you bulk order, on lets say resistors, it goes from 5 cents to one cent each, if you buy a pack of ten resistors its only 40 cents.
If you need any other electronic parts, contact me. I have all in stock. Ships in 1 - 2 weeks.
If you want to make the right click thing with pcbs and stuff, the pcbs can be manufactured
5 dollars a pcb
all the stuff in a kit for right click = 15 dollars.