Author Topic: BUY IR PENS (read)  (Read 3091 times)

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on: August 27, 2008, 11:34:13 PM
Ok, so im just seeing, whos interested in buying ir pens, i ship to canada for 5 dollars, and if you want me to ship to us its fed ex ground and i will find out the shipping. If anyone in canada wants one, or us i guess, go to and preorder, they will ship in two weeks as im seeing how many people want one, if you want one but dont want to pay yet, just tell me so i can put your order down. For us customers, just send me an email at [email protected] for inquiries. For other worldwide customers, also email me.

Any ideas that i could create and sell, just tell me.

If anyone wants a custom design, different type of pen, custom engraving, kits to make your own pen with instructions, or if you want just a piece, like just an led, prcing is as follows(i will ad these to the website soon) No pictures yet, but when added to there will be picrtures:
Infrared 850nm 3mm Round LED = 50 cad cents
Infrared 880nm 3mm Round LED = 50 cad cents
Infrared 940nm 3mm Round LED = 50 cad cents
SPST on-off Black/red Pushbutton = 90 cad cents
SPST off-on Black/red Pushbutton = 90 cad cents
Red Large Pushbutton = 1.50 cents
Pen assembled= 10.00 dollars
pen kit = 9 dollars
Red/white/blue Tactile Switch Button with top scratch proof case = 50 cents
Raised Tactile Switch = 50 cents
Extended Tactile Switch = 50 cents
Black Standard Tactile Switch = 50 cents
Small Black Tactile Switch = 50 cents
Small Black High raid\sed Tactile Switch = 55 cents
Roller Microswitch = 60 cents
Lever Microswitch = 60 cents
Dont think you need toggle switches, but inquire for prices.
DPDT Panel Mount Miniature Slide Switch = 50 cents
1/4 resistors = 5 cents each
1/2 resistors = 10 cents
1 watt resisotrs = 80 cents each
For bulk orders of over 100 items, prices go down ALOT, so if you bulk order, on lets say resistors, it goes from 5 cents to one cent each, if you buy a pack of ten resistors its only 40 cents.
If you need any other electronic parts, contact me. I have all in stock. Ships in 1 - 2 weeks.
If you want to make the right click thing with pcbs and stuff, the pcbs can be manufactured
5 dollars a pcb
all the stuff in a kit for right click = 15 dollars.