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Title: Custom made "Hi-Liter" IR Pen
Post by: gweedo767 on February 28, 2008, 08:46:30 AM
Just wanted to show people the custom IR pen I built yesterday.  First, the pictures!
Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics ;)

Okay, so the parts:

Okay, so the build here is actually pretty darn simple.  First you need to get all the felt out of the HI-LITER.  The tip can be yanked out with pliers really easily.  Then you need to use your PVC pipe cutter to cut the bottom off the pen.  Cut it at a tapper and you will be able to put the cap back in and it will hold.  One that is cut off you can remove the rest of the felt.  Now you need to drill a hole for your momentary switch.  I used a drill press and drilled at a slight angle so the switch would tip forward (very comfy!).  After that you just gotta do some wiring!  Solder to your switch, pull one wire out each side of the pen.  Pull a new wire through the full pen (your negative wire) and solder both to the LED at the pen tip.  Shove that LED in (don't have to much excess wire) and then hook up your battery on the back side.  For this pen as a test we just soldered directly to the battery, but in our next one we will put in a battery holder (there is room).

That is about it.  I will be taking some video of it all later.