Author Topic: Focusing an IR beam?  (Read 6626 times)

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on: February 15, 2008, 05:51:16 PM
Is it possible to focus the beam of IR light like a laser pointer, so that a user could stand back from the whiteboard and hit links on a web page, sort of like an air mouse?

Specifically, I need a source that can project IR light to a half-centimeter spot at a distance of 5 feet.

Is this possible?  Would the beam disrupt the Wiimote's tracking? I suspect it would, but if I'm wrong I'd love to hear about it  :D

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Reply #1 on: February 16, 2008, 02:20:10 AM
It's been on this forum already. It's called a IR Laser. But be carefull with it, because lasers can do harmfull stuff to your eyes, and IR light is "invisible" to the human eye, so you wont close you're eyes automatically when you're looking in a laser beam. Oh and the wiimote won't see the beam. You dont see light either, you see light reflecting of a surface.