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on: March 11, 2009, 11:10:18 AM
i am searching for the perfect pen.
Here are a lot of different pens beeing offered, but i am searching for the perfect one:
- Standart Battery (AAA or AA) and easy replaceable
- Nib and Manual Switch

I think the perfect one would be the Groove, but why it is so damn expensive? 29,95 $?
Because i have not enough money, i think the best compromiss would be the pens of ?
There you have an Dual Switcher, but no standard batterys, or non dual switchers(but both options) with standard batterys
Do you have another pens you can recommend to fit the perfect one?

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Reply #1 on: March 11, 2009, 09:24:41 PM
The groove is relatively expensive because it is custom designed and built. The other IR-Pens are retro fitted devices (uv texter and UV light source) or whiteboard markers.

The are bound by the device/pen body they are retrofitting. If a AAA can't fit, it can't fit.

I can confidently say that all the IR-Pen sellers on this forum sell an exceptionally high quality product for a very realistic price. It takes me 1hr+ to build an IR-Pen or I can buy one for $9.95 - $29.95. (I value 1 hour of my time as worth alot more to me that).

If you are on a budget I suggets you make your own IR-Pen, will help you learn more about Ir and the project too.

benpaddlejones :)

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