Author Topic: My third "Big Daddy" pen  (Read 3973 times)

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on: February 11, 2008, 10:23:18 PM
so i needed to make a pen that was less rigged looking and more professional looking. I got a premade skinny pen that ran on AAAA's but the LED assembly was stuck in the aluminum frame plus, its activator was at the end which was no good.

so i got a jumbo permanent marker, 3 IR LED's from radio shack, a 47 ohm 1/2 watt resistor, a 9 volt connector and a momentary switch and came up with this:

the white cap on the end is the endcap of the yellow sharpie, heh perfect fit luckily.
the endcap is the jumbo markers encap.
with minimal distortion, the 9volt battery fits right inside

in a camera test against my face, my first pen (the bic) lit up a small portion of my cheek
my second pen (the sharpie) lit up the side of my face
my third pen (the big daddy) lit up my entire face

i made this so i could set the wiimote on the projector at one side of the room and will test it tomorrow to see how it does.

the only thing else i would do to it is put something on the end to disrupt the IR so it can more easily be seen behind it. I am thinking like a ping pong ball if its not too big, or just some hot glue.

the key to using hotglue for this, it so lightly dab it after it has cooled a little. cooled enough it doesnt stick but not enough that it is not mailable.

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